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Online Resources

The University of Dayton Counseling Center provides online resources that may be relevant to various student populations and mental health concerns. These are intended to offer informal education and support and information we provide is not meant to be a substitute for formal assistance from a mental health provider.  

Resources for Students

We at the counseling center always want to be a primary resource for you. But we also recognize that students often want to learn more about their mental health and wellness concerns. We hope that you can arm yourself with the knowledge to make smart decisions about getting the help you need and being at your best on your journey to well-being.

Here are some resources to use on your own. Learn more about some concerns or download some great apps for concentration or anxiety management!

If you have questions or concerns about your own unique situation, please call the Counseling Center and make an appointment to speak with a therapist at 937-229-3141.

Please read more about Student Resources.

Resources for Faculty/Staff

Faculty and Staff have frequent and meaningful contact with our students. You are likely to be in contact with students who would benefit from counseling either for 1) normal, healthy, developmental growth or 2) more serious psychological problems. On our faculty/staff resource page you will find a summary of services and recommendations for referring students for counseling. Do not hesitate to phone us with any specific questions. We are grateful for your role in helping students make use of our services.

Please read more about our Fac/Staff Resources.

Resources for Parents

The transition from high school to college can be an exciting time of growth and development but also a challenge for first-year college students as well as for their parents and other family members.  The primary goal of this information is to give brief, practical advice to college-bound students and their families to help them prepare for the transition to college.  These resources will include tips on the parent transition as well as the student transition when going to college. Parents will also find common student stressors and what you can do to help your young adult from a distance.

Please read more about our Parent Resources.


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