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Counseling Center Scope of Care

Scope of Care

The University of Dayton’s Counseling Center offers support through a Catholic and Marianist framework, aiming to ensure that all students, across various identities, backgrounds, and experiences feel welcome to utilize our confidential services. Services are available at no additional cost to matriculating undergraduate students, graduate students with an assistantship and students in the law school, Lalanne, and physician assistant programs. Therapy and psychiatric records are stored securely through the Counseling Center and are not a part of a student’s educational record. 

As a Comprehensive Counseling Center, we provide many services to our Flyer community. Services include individual therapy, group therapy, emergency, and psychiatric services for students actively engaged with our Center. In addition, we offer outreach, consultations for students, faculty, staff, and parents, seminars to teach research-based coping strategies, and debriefing support following tragedies. We aim to balance offering a variety of services along with emergency same-day support. 

Our hope is students form a strong working relationship with their therapist. Students who actively engage in sessions will likely experience the greatest improvement in overall emotional well-being, confidence in their ability to successfully navigate life struggles, healthy relationship functioning, and identity development. Students can expect to learn helpful coping skills when visiting the Counseling Center. 

Individual therapy provided by the Counseling Center is most frequently either short-term, or intermittent (e.g., visiting the center once or twice a month or several times a semester) in nature. It is our intention to meet the needs of our Flyer community, but sometimes that means helping students find local resources when the need is beyond what we can provide. For example, students who are in need of non-emergency weekly therapy, case management, psychoeducational testing, or intensive outpatient therapy would likely exceed the Counseling Center's capacity and can request a referral.  The Counseling Center has the sole discretion to determine when student needs exceed the services they can provide.

We are proud to be part of UD’s Step Care Model. We often connect students to campus partners to help students enhance their emotional well-being, further academic success and increase life satisfaction. We partner with Student Development, all members of our campus community, and professionals in the greater Dayton area in suicide prevention. 

If you have any questions regarding our Scope of Care or services available through the Counseling Center, please call us directly: 937-229-3141. We look forward to serving you and hope that you will have a welcoming experience! We are grateful to support you on your journey. 

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