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President January 18, 2022
More Than a Trustee

When longtime, current University of Dayton trustee Mary Jo Scalzo died after a brief battle with cancer on Christmas day, we lost more than a valued member of our governing board.

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President January 11, 2022
Elevating the Arts
If the walls could talk at the nearby Marion’s Piazza, I think they'd tell us a bit about why entrepreneur and philanthropist Roger Glass is such an avid supporter of the arts.
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Students December 24, 2021
Gifts of the Heart
"As I reflect on the story of Christ’s birth on this Christmas Eve, I’m filled with gratitude for the gifts that we share with one another," University of Dayton President Eric F. Spina writes in a message to the campus community.
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President December 20, 2021
Catapulting Dreams
I felt the buzz immediately upon entering the Greater West Dayton Incubator. It was impossible not to feel the energy, excitement — and sense of possibility.
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President December 19, 2021
Build a Bigger Table
"As you enter the world outside this campus, I urge you to build a bigger table. Invite others with alternative viewpoints and those who look different from you to join you around your table. And, most importantly, stay at that table when conflicts and tensions arise," I told the Class of 2021 at winter commencement.
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Diversity and Inclusion December 13, 2021
The Art of Thinking Critically
“Anything going on in the news?” asked communication professor Joe Valenzano, opening up another lively edition of “Conservative Political Rhetoric.”
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President December 03, 2021
Soaring on Eagle's Wings
While some universities grapple with their mission and identity in a changing world, we know who we are. Alongside the Marianists, the Marianist Educational Associates — known on campus as MEAs — personify the heart and soul of UD.
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President November 24, 2021
A Grateful Heart
In a Thanksgiving message to the campus community, President Eric Spina gives thanks for the immeasurable ways students, faculty and staff "make UD a home away from home."
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President November 16, 2021
Generous Hearts

What’s the measure of a life well lived? I’m drawn to words often attributed to Winston Churchill: "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."


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President November 12, 2021
Visionary Leadership

President Eric F. Spina thanks the faculty for their “visionary leadership” in approving a revised Promotion and Tenure Policy.

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