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Transfer Students

Welcome to the Flyer Community!

We are glad you are exploring the University of Dayton as your transfer school destination.  You are going to enjoy your new experiences, opportunities, and, most of all, community here at UD.

We recognize that transferring schools and/or transferring credit can be confusing and often involves multiple steps at times.  As a Catholic, Marianist community with strong family values, we are here to walk you through the process step by step. 

Your success in the transfer process is very important to us. The University of Dayton's commitment to transfer students means a lot of benefits for you! Check out the common reasons why other transfer students chose UD.

  • Financial aid & transfer scholarships
  • Transparent, fixed net-price tuition plan
  • Vast and connected alumni network
  • Reputable academic programs and faculty
  • Community service, engagement & volunteerism
  • Deep roots in the Dayton community
  • Streamlined transfer credit through community college articulation agreements
  • Small class sizes
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Faculty and staff that genuinely care about students

Plans for fall '21 classes

The University of Dayton plans to return to more traditional in-person instruction without classroom capacity restrictions for the fall 2021 semester, depending upon pandemic conditions and public health guidance. Course registration for incoming students starts soon, with seating limits returning to pre-pandemic levels. Decisions about other safety protocols are also dependent upon the state of the pandemic and public health guidance, and will be made before classes start in August.

Schedule an Individual Admission and Financial Aid Appointment

Students can reach out to Julia Thompson to schedule a phone or virtual appointment.

Phone: 937-229-2874

Email: Julia Thompson

Transfer Student Testimonials
Caitlyn Pittsford

"I had originally looked at my previous four-year school and University of Dayton as my top two college choices.  After attending a large classroom setting for a year at my last school, I decided to transfer. University of Dayton has a tighter knit feel to it in comparison to my previous school, which was another factor that pushed me to transfer.  

I think the best part was being somewhere new.  Although I love my friends at my previous school, I wanted something completely different, and UD provided that for me."

Nicole Synan

"I decided to transfer because of the school itself.  I loved being in Florida, but didn’t like the school. Freshman lived on campus, but then after that, almost everyone moved off campus.  There was no school spirit . . . The professors weren’t very helpful . . . The advisors were horrible, and it was so hard to talk to anyone in administration to help if you needed it as a freshman. 

The best part of my transfer experience was definitely a month into going to school at UD and finally feeling like I belonged somewhere . . . But here at UD, they always preach about community and how everyone is helpful, and they genuinely are.  I felt like advisors, professors, and students were all willing to lend a helping hand whenever they could, and it was so nice to see that after not being able to find help anywhere at my last school."

Christopher Craven

"My decision to transfer is a complicated answer, but it essentially came down to me wanting to create a new experience for myself while continuing to pursue my education . . . After being in Maryland for so long, I decided to attend a school out of state, which would provide a totally new experience for me.  

UD is known for their sense of community, and early on I was able to see why.  Aside from two close family friends that were UD students, I didn’t really know anyone on campus when I first arrived. However, their friend groups welcomed me with open arms and made me feel comfortable around them right away . . . So I’d say the best part of my transfer experience was being able to experience first-hand the hospitable and communal culture of UD."

Allison Amos

"I transferred out of the first university because I didn’t feel like I was learning anything new in my classes, and I didn’t feel like I was part of a community there.  I transferred out of the last school because I had completed the certificate program and was interested in finishing my fine arts degree.  The best part of the transfer experience was getting to talk with everyone from advisors to professors one-on-one."